Various Types Of IT Certification Courses

Published: 21st September 2011
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The world of IT is developing very fast and new innovations are tried and tested every day. The boom in the It industry has increased the competition in this sector. A large number of people are opting for various IT professional courses in order to enter this sector. The increase in the interest of the people in this sector has created a need of various certified professional courses and programs. Such training programs are needed to train the able IT aspirers about the new developments in the IT sector. As the technology is changing constantly, the IT professionals are needed to be kept up to date.

Due to the need of this industry various companies have started their educational and training programs that are aimed towards providing certifications to the wannabe as well as the experienced IT professionals. These certifications keep IT people ahead of the normal IT professionals that do not have any certifications. Following are some of the IT certification courses offered by various IT multinational companies.

1. HP Certification Course: Hewlett Packard (HP) is one of the most popular names in the IT industry. HP provides various certifications ranging from simple to the most advanced certifications designed to impart various technical skills to the IT people. This certificate provides you a distinct identity in the IT sector. Following are some of the certificate courses offered by HP.

HP Master Accredited Systems Engineer -MASE
HP Accredited Systems Engineer -ASE
HP Accredited Presales Professional -APP
HP Accredited Presales Consultant -APC
HP Accredited Integration Specialist -AIS

2. IBM Certification: IBM is the most popular IT industry and it offers wide services for computer hardware and software. IBM certificate course enable you to be up to date with all the new innovations in the IT sector. These are designed to enhance your IT skills and knowledge with the help of which you can generate good results for the industry. Following are the few certifications offered by IBM.

SEC- Systems (System Expert Certification)
CSC (Certified Specialist Certification)
ADPC (Advance Deployment Professional Certification)
ADC (Application Developer Certification)
EDC (Enterprise Developer Certification)

3. CISCO Certification: CISCO is one of the fastest growing industries in the IT sector. This certification imparts various skills regarding Network Security, Routing, Service Provider, Switching and Routing. Following are the 3 types of courses offered by CISCO.

Associate Certification
Professional Certification
Expert Certification

Therefore, having a certification is an important step for your future prospects. So take the right type of certification as per your qualifications and needs.

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